How does The Traveling Vineyard’s business model work?

Share Your Love Of Wine And Earn A Living While You’re At It
While it is now easier to find local vineyards in almost every corner of the United States, it is still a somewhat closed industry unless you are truly connected or born into it. The Traveling Vineyard has changed all that. If you love wine and enjoy sharing delicious wine with others, you can take the vineyard to them. The Traveling Vineyard is a company that allows you to become an entrepreneur, work from home and make money as a wine guide.

To become an Independent Wine Guide, you must first complete an application on their web site. What happens next is you’re assigned a leader in your region. This person will mentor you and help answer your questions and if you’re close enough to him or her, you may even be able to shadow one of their events.

If you decide that being a wine guide is for you, then you go to the Tasting Room – the Traveling Vineyard’s virtual training center. Affiliate Dork shares that new wine guides receive success kits, which come supplied with two tasting sets of wine (5 bottles each), reusable tasting glasses, a carrying case, a bottle carrier, order forms and documents, a reference book to help you prepare for customers’ questions, and last, but not least the Sommology Kit. This amazing kit helps you teach others how to taste wine, how wines are blended and how to combine wines with meals and events.

Being a wine guide is a direct sales role. You earn money through sales you make at events you run. During your training, you will learn how to network and market your wine tasting business. Training doesn’t end after you first join the team. The Traveling Vineyard company hosts an annual Harvest conference and team leaders hold regional meetings for all of their local wine guides.

What are the benefits for working for Traveling Vineyards?
The benefits to working as a wine guide are endless! First and foremost – you are in control. You make your own schedule, one that meets the needs of your wallet and personal life. Moreover, if you enjoy wine and sharing it with others or enjoy socializing with others, then being a wine guide is a profession you would enjoy – and who doesn’t want job satisfaction in addition to an income?

Does the Traveling Vineyard do Social – Media?
While one of the whole points around being a wine guide is the social aspect, you may wonder about social media. They have over 2,500 followers on Twitter and have a regular presence with inspiring wine-related discussions. You can follow them @TravelinVinyard. You can also follow them on Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube and Crunchbase. Moreover, wine guides receive their own web site, where they can take their entrepreneurial skills to the top. Take a look for yourself and see if being an Independent Wine Guide is for you. Cheers!