How Dr. Mark McKenna Plans to Disrupt the Aesthetics Industry

Dr. Mark McKenna is an entrepreneur in the healthcare field. He earned his medical degree at the Tulane University Medical School and first practiced in New Orleans. In 2007 he moved to Atlanta and started a company called ShapeMed. This was an aesthetic and wellness practice that offered surgeries such as Botox injections and body sculpting. He also helped those who need nutrition and weight counseling.

In November 2014, Dr. Mark McKenna sold ShapeMed. The buyer of his company was Life Time Fitness Inc. and they incorporated his clinics into their gyms. He became this company’s national medical director. He resigned from this position in July 2016 and in July 2017 he launched a new company. He is the founder and chief executive officer of OVME. His goal is to reinvent elective healthcare.

Dr. Mark McKenna said that he sees OVME as a way to disrupt the elective healthcare industry. OVME will be an app that users will use to schedule a visit with someone that can do cosmetic surgery. Rather than going to the practitioner’s office, though, instead the doctor will come to them. He plans to roll this out across the United States. He is presently recruiting plastic surgeons and dermatologists, primarily through meeting people at industry shows and conventions.

The first two clinics that Dr. Mark McKenna plans to open are in Nashville and Atlanta. He says there’s a lot of competition in each market but there is no national company like his in the industry. He has raised $4 million for OVME with the major backer being Equity38. He estimates that the company will be worth around $25 million after the first five years.

In his private life, Dr. Mark McKenna has a wife named Gianine and a daughter named Milana Elle. Rounding out the family is their dog, Ryder, which is a Pomeranian. He enjoys spending the morning with his daughter while his wife sleeps before he heads off to work. He also enjoys music and once served the New Orleans Jazz Festival as one of its board members.

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