How Sam Tabar’s Experience Runs Deep

Sam Tabar, a New York-based attorney, and financial strategist is one of the most called upon attorneys for corporate financial matters today. Law, finances, and finding ways to help others are all a big part of Tabar’s life. While Tabar is rooted and grounded in his experience in his field, he also had his hands in the TV and film industry. It’s safe to say that he has plenty of experience to contribute to his clients, corporations, charities, and in multiple ways.

Tabar has also acted as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Full Cycle Energy Fund. The job at hand is for Tabar to manage the company’s fund and management strategy. As a financial strategist, Tabar knows what it takes to not only start a fund but to grow that fund and get it to a state of maintenance. His ability to join hands with partners in various companies and work together is just one of the many qualities about Tabar that gives him the edge.

Where the winning edge comes in for Tabar is his ability to structure a budget for any company at any time. Corporations have big budgets, and those budgets are often in the red for many months, even years until the proper counsel comes along. Tabar has worked with budgets for all types of investments including endowments, foundations, pensions, and funds for families as well. This gives him the edge in experience based upon the broad spectrum that is finance.

Today, Tabar is also known for being a venture capitalist, helping other entrepreneurs reach their dreams.  Be sure to follow him along the way on Twitter.