James Dondero Guiding Highland Capital Management Increasing Its Footprint in Nexpoint

James Dondero is a co-founder of a Highland Capital. Together with Mark Okada, they begun a journey of establishing and running the firm in 1990, they created a joint venture with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Through the joint venture they aimed at fixed income markets and it was also involved in the management of the senior bank loans. The venture evolution in 1993 and became PAMCO (Protective Asset Management Company), at that time 60% of the firm was owned by Protective Life while the rest 40% was owned by Mr. Dondera and Mr. Okada.



The company experience growth in the following years, in 1997 both James Dondero and Mark Okada bought the rest of the company from Protective Life in PAMCO. After the buyout Ranger Asset Management was started, and SEC Registered independent advisor. The coming year the company changed its name to Highland Capital Management L.P from that moment onward the company had various milestones. Dondero is Dallas-based hedge fund manager who has created his name in the industry due to his successful ventures. Mr. Dondero has shown highly unique leadership qualities this true due to the many companies that he has been appointed to serve as a member of their board.



Highland Capital Management, L.P managed to be in a strategic position in Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund this according to the new SEC filing. Currently, the fund has 793, 036 shares of the company that is 5.0% of the remaining similar stock, while Highland’s manager James D. Dondero who is the beneficially has 3.01 million stock of Nexpoint credit strategies.



All these total 18.8% of the company total ownership. By the end of the third quarter, Highland had owned $11.68 worth of Nexpoint’s stocks as it had bought 20, 286 new shares of the company at that season. After those high-level purchases, it makes the company the biggest stakeholder in the firm it only after Morgan Stanley that owns more than $16.77 million of Nexpoint shares. Nexpoint Credits Strategies Fund that is managed by Nexpoint Advisors that has a strategic relationship with Highland Capital Management. This is part of the Highland strategic milestone achievement.