Japanese Sword Expert Michael Zomber

Antiques are desired by many collectors. An antique item is often cherished because it has superior workmanship and impressive details. Many people over the years have found it useful to have such items in their house and places of business. A beautiful antique item can be a source of pleasure as well as a means to connect with the past. One person who knows about the value of antiques very well is specialist Michael Zomber. Like many of his fellow experts, Zomber has a particular specialty that he find particularly fascinating. In his case, this is the world of Japanese swords.

Japanese Armor and Swords

Zomber, a native of the United States, first became interested in this field as as young child when he read tales of Japanese swordsmen. His fascination continued as he grew older and learned more about the subject. He found himself drawn to this area as he explored the world of Japanese culture. He began to learn all that he could about the subject, eventually deciding to make it his life’s work. He studied the field closely in order to learn even more about it as he grew even more fond of Japanese craftsmanship and expertise in this area.

His Background

A native of Washington, D.C., Zomber earned multiple degrees in the field of literature. Since graduating from college, he has chosen to settle in Philadelphia, making it his home base as he continued his career in the field of all things related to Japanese swords and armor. He has become one of the world’s foremost experts on the use and creation of Japanese Samurai swords. Many people have turned to him for skilled advice in determining which particular type of swords may be right for their current collections and any new collections the may wish to start.

A Storyteller

Perhaps above all else, Zomber is a storyteller. He loves to tell stories of all kinds, especially those related to the world of Japanese armor and sword making. He has turned this talent to good use, writing very frequently about the world of the Japanese Samurai for pleased audiences all over the world. His passion can’t be deterred by anything.

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