Kenneth Goodgame Keeps Up The Success

Kenneth Goodgame is an individual that has had a lot of success in his professional life. Kenneth Goodgame started his professional career with his education. He received his bachelors of science in marketing at the University of Tennessee. From 1995 1999 he worked at The Home Depot as a senior product merchant. After that, he went on to be a director of property brands. Kenneth Goodgame then went on to work as the director senior global product merchant from 2001 to 2002.

Goodgame was able to generate a $18 million increase in the gross margin by designing and implementing rebates that were very functional in order to power engine suppliers for different equipment. From 2000 to 2007 he worked for Newell Rubbermaid. He was able to serve as a Senior Vice President of marketing, the President, and General Manager. In those positions, he was able to grow new business to $490 million with in only 18 months. Goodgame was able to design many different national campaign ads, he was able to launch many product lines that were able to secure $70 million in sales. During his tenure at Newell Rubbermaid he was able to achieve 94% growth to get $250 million in customer goods.

Goodgame was also able to work as a Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandise Officer at True Value Hardware; he served as general merchandise manager at Ace Hardware Corporation, and he also served as President of Baja Motorsports at the Tektronix industries in North America. Kenneth Goodgame is a very effective and influential operations management leader; he has used a combination of his innovation in marketing and merchandising to create effective business strategies.

Goodgame is an individual that has been able to deliver a balance of corporate alignment, employee engagement, and performance indicators. Goodgame is definitely an individual who has extensive experience when it comes to operations management, and he truly is an individual that has added value to every establishment in which he has worked. Kenneth Goodgame has had the privilege of having many articles posted about him and his influence on different markets. Goodgame has had articles posted about him when it comes to effective price point gaps, fresh food for pets, and effective end caps as well.