Lawyer for Mayor de Blasio Criticizes Board of Elections

According to article in the Wall Street Journal, Laurence D. Laufer criticized the New York State Board of Elections for not only referring a case against the mayor for investigation into possible criminal proceedings, but also for leaking the information to the news media. Laufer is the attorney for de Blasio’s campaign.

The board has accused de Blasio of breaking the rules that limit how much can be donated to political candidates. According to Laufer, the board misinterpreted the law. He accused the board of being highly prejudicial and political by leaking the letter referring de Blasio for criminal investigation.

Laufer and the state board were referring to Mayor de Blasio’s Campaign for One New York and donors to it. Allegedly the mayor’s administration lifted a restriction on a deed owned by one donor, allegedly allowing the donor to make a profit of $72 million. The board questioned the relationship between two donors and the New York City Police Department. De Blasio and his administration raised funds in 2014 for Democratic candidates for state senate.

De Blasio’s administration had admitted to error regarding the property deal, but says it did nothing improper in regard to the other allegations. It is cooperating fully.

In 2014 de Blasio raised funds for the state senate candidates, then sent the money to county committees, which then passed the money on to those candidates. According to Risa Sugarman, lawyer for the Board of Elections, the transfers were done in such a way as to suggest they were trying to evade the law.

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