Lori Senecal; An Entrepreneurial Icon

After a successful two-year tenure at Crispin, Porter + Bogusky (CP&B), Lori Senecal will be handing over her duties as its Global Chief Executive. Lori Senecal served as the Global Executive Chairman of Multi Discipline Communications (MDC) partners shop KBS for about seven months. She also had been President and Chief Executive Officer of KBS since 2009. Prior to her appointment, the global CP&B was in dire need of an entrepreneurial guru that will help the company scale upwards and obtain worldwide recognition.

Lori Senecal was the appropriate candidate to fill this position. CP&B, therefore, needed her management expertise and her exceptional organizational strengths. With her strong and unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, Lori Senecal’s excellent work has been acknowledged by Chuck Porter (CP&B Co-founder and chairman). She has been able to maintain clients since her joining CP&B, created a worldwide management structure and communication process that has been very efficient and above all expanding CP&B’s global presence by landing the American Airlines in October 2015. Ad Week says this was the highlight of her organizational leadership.

For a company to continue existing in the long run, however, an effective succession plan must be put in place. In recognition of this gap, Lori Senecal has been working hand in hand with CP&B’s Chairman and Co-founder, Chuck Porter, in bringing up a new generation of leadership that will continue and even surpass Senecal’s successes. About her exit, CP&B will not have any problem with obtaining the best brains for the job, reveals blogwebpedia.com. Ten of the company’s offices are already headed by entrepreneurs passionate about steering the company’s wheel forward.

Lori Senecal graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance from McGill University. This formed the basis of her career path that has eventually landed her in a top job position at CP&B. Apart from her education background, Lori Senecal boasts of an extraordinary brand and personality in the advertisement industry. She has obtained international recognition due to her immense knowledge in marketing and advertising. She specializes in innovative technology that helps business challenges like developing successful advertising campaigns for X-box and Coca-Cola.