Matthew Fleeger

Mr. Matthew Fleeger is an American oil tycoon, businessman, and, entrepreneur. Mr. Fleeger attended Southern Methodist University and received his bachelor’s degree in business with an emphasis in finance and marketing in 1985. Mr. Fleeger started his career in 1985 as well, he was the president of his family-owned oil company called Gulf Coast Western Inc from 1985 to 1990. His father founded this company in 1970. In 1990 he left the family business and started his own companies, eventually selling them both and returning back to the family business. Mr. Fleeger is currently the Chief Executive Officer, president ,and a director of Gulf Coast Western LLC. Since returning to the family business Mr. Fleeger has turned the company into an oil Giant.

Oil companies and the US government thought that America’s hydrocarbon reserves would eventually be exhausted. Then new drilling techniques started to be discovered so oil that was not feasible could be profitable for the first time. This new development had a positive effect on the country and help to boost the economy forward. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing were the two technologies that helped the oil drilling process which made hard shale and sandstone formation drilling possible. Experience was a key aspect into the success of the company doing this recent oil boom. Mr. Fleeger & Gulf Coast Western were able to adjust quickly to the state of the art drilling techniques. The company combined the new techniques and geologic knowledge to uncover some of the most lucrative drill sites in the country.

Mr. Fleeger also thinks that the recent oil boom has been very profitable as of late but this is just a small sample and that this boom should continue through 2040. Doing the oil recession Mr. Fleeger tried to become more efficient in every aspect of the business, cutting over head without losing people, and just being more creative. He also maintain a positive attitude and this positive attitude trickled down through the entire company. Mr. Fleeger took his education and experience of being around the oil industry growing up and created two successful businesses on his own. Then he made his way back home and took the family business to the next level.