NeuroCore Gives Solution to Depression

Depression is a common illness in American, affecting close to 16 million adults each year. While depression is more common in adult females, it can happen at any age to anyone. Two thirds of those affected with the disease, while those who do receive treatment are generally successful. Stigma may affect those who choose not to receive treatment.

Education about depression is the greatest way to stop the stigma. Some may not know that outside factors, or environmental influences, may have no bearing on the development of depression. Stress can increase the risk of developing it, but it may come out of no where. Also, many may not know there are different types. Persistent depressive disorder is one that affects the person for years, while post partum focuses on after the birth of a child. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Symptoms of depression are not always that obvious. People do not always stay in bed all day, but they may still be affected with it. The emotional effects of depression are not the only issue with depression. Depression affects the body physically. Headaches, stomach aches, and tension in the body are just some of the signs and symptoms that depression is effecting the body physically.


Suicide is the second major leading cause of death in young children and depression is the contributing factor behind. The feelings of hopelessness make people feel like death is the only solution. Depression affects people in their daily lives, and it is the leading cause of disability among those 15-44. Depression research needs more funding. Right now it only receives 1/100 of the amount that breast cancer research receives. Even the most severe cases can be successfully treated and managed over time. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore centers attack the problem at the root of the disease. They diagnosis the malfunctions in the brain with full spectrum diagnosis and then work to retrain the brain. Through a multitude of tests, like EEG and Heart Rate Variability, they work to discover the real root cause of the problem. Once diagnosed, neurocore works with the patient to improve the neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to recover.