Oncotarget: A medical Journal Focusing on Cancer and Cancer Therapy

Oncotarget is a journal that is published on a weekly basis. It permits open access to its materials. The paper is published by Impact Journals. Oncotarget was established in 2010. It is a peer-reviewed medical journal that covers all parts of oncology and the pathological origin of all cancers, possible targets for treatment and therapy protocols placed to advance the supervision of cancer patients.In the recent past, there has been an intensive buildup of knowledge on oncoproteins, oncogenes, signal transduction, cellular responses, for example, the DNA damage, functions and dysfunctions of cells and organs, and cellular processes such as apoptosis, migration, proliferation, and autophagy. The fastest growing area in cancer research is the therapeutic targeting of processes and molecules. This field has also become more complex. This necessitates for translation of the knowledge acquired from the basic research to the clinic.

This publication explores all the evidence behind existing and new cancer therapies with an anticipation of improving the outcome. Most importantly, the journal seeks to explain its use of terms to ensure ultimate acceptance and uptake by the patients as well as the healthcare professionals.Oncotarget also concentrates on the impact of new therapeutic agents, protocols, as well as management programs on patient perceptions such as satisfaction, adherence, and the quality of life. In addition, they publish papers in several fields such as endocrinology, age-related diseases, immunology, pathology, and physiology. The complexity of tumor development inspires the additional publications.

According to the journal, other medical disciplines recently found out that some agents made for specific diseases can be used to treat cancer easily. Some of the drugs that have previously been used to treat infections and other diseases have an impact on cancer targets. These drugs are very attractive as anti-cancer agents since their side effects are known. In addition, they are approved for use.The chief editors of the publication are Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny from Roswell Park Cancer Institution. Oncotarget is indexed and abstracted in the Science Citation Index Expanded, Index Medicus/Medline/PubMed, Scopus, as well as BIOSIS Preview. The authors do not pay submission or publication fee.