OSI Feeds Their Patrons A Smart Diet

The OSI Group is proud to lend over a century of experience to the food industry. It has been an amazing journey from a small meat processing plant to become one of the largest food processors in the industry. Their committed to a smart food diet that has fed millions of patrons around the world. They’ve never hesitated to display clear visibility about what’s in their food. Their strong disclosure details have been available on their website. They believe transparency is an important part of the food industry. Plus, they’ve been able to respond to a stabilized food network while other networks are hestitant.

Who Is The OSI Food Group

The OSI Group is a stable food network that nearly doubled their chicken production in the past year. They credit their success to their new international and statewide food mergers. Their food leaders have been committed to expanding their food service portfolio. OSI has attracted many new food service clients to the industry. They’re dedicated to a transparent food disclosure that has allowed them to become honorees of several food services awards. Their most popular award has come from the British Food Council Awards. The OSI Group proudly accepted the award in 2016.

Meet The OSI Food Service Leaders

There are several executives and over 60,000 global employees at the OSI Industries Food Service network. However, their CEO, David McDonald continues to stand out. He has been able to use his leadership position to bring more clients to the food network than ever before. Plus, he’s been able to participate in several local charity networks. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to meet their executives by visiting their interactive website. Sheldon Lavin is their acting COO and also lends over 15+ years of experience to the food industry network.

The OSI Group has always had an eye for detail in the food industry. This has allowed them to partner with some of the biggest food service giants overseas. Their most important food service international food deal has been with the quiet Baho Foods Group in the Dutch food industry. The OSI Group has decided to market their organic vegetables. They’ve also been able to welcome the EU food industry to their international food portfolio. They’ve been able to partner with the Flagship Europe foods network. Learn more about the OSI team of professionals by visiting their unique website for details today.