Reducing Violence Using Securus Technologies Call System

Working in a jail is perhaps the most dangerous job in the world. Each day that I go to work could be my last because these inmates may attack at any time. Even if they do not attack me or my fellow officers, they could hurt other inmates or even people who visit the jails. To combat the violence in our jail, we deploy a number exercises that has turned things around in recent years.


One of the first things that me and my team of corrections officers will do is to search every person coming to visit an inmate. Even with numerous signs posting that jail time is a possibility if caught with anything illegal, many visitors will take the risk because they will do anything for the inmate. In some cases, these visitors know getting arrested will only give them credibility in the jail and that appeals to them.


Later in the day, we surprise the inmates with cell inspections. Even with the help of the dogs, we usually only find things like weed or small trace amounts of other drugs. Getting the drugs is important because a high inmate could turn into a potentially violent inmate.


We used to make use of the inmate phone system to try and listen in and intercept trouble, but these inmates can be very skilled at hiding how they talk about things that could incriminate them even further. The LBS software with the new Securus Technologies inmate call system was about to give us a new way to combat violence in the jail. Almost immediately, the system would alert us to chatter between top ranking inmates and their gang members, talking about getting weapons through the visitor center, where to hide them, and which inmate was a target. This technology has allowed us to stay a step ahead in many of these violent episodes.