Robert Ivy And The Impact Of The American Institute of Architecture

At the American Institute of Architecture members of the professional society will be granted access to all kinds of benefits that will help them grow into the architects that they dream of becoming. As a professional society, the AIA is one of the top resources that aspiring architects can turn to after leaving school in order to chase their career path. Unlike other fields, architects need to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. The field of architecture is notoriously small and breakthroughs can be difficult. For that reason, Robert Ivy is touting the AIA and pushing members to give the professional society a chance. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

While going to school and attending on-the-job training will help you prepare for your chosen career, there is no substitute for the value that membership in a professional society will provide. Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architecture and he is one of the leading voices in the field of architecture altogether. With that being said, Ivy knows that not enough people understand or are aware of the values that a professional society can provide. In fact, many people don’t even know what a professional society is!

A professional society is similar to a trade organization or a union but not completely. Professional societies like Robert Ivy and his American Institute of Architecture are more focused on providing aid and assistance to specific people rather than entire corporations. Professional societies seek to take these aspiring career architects in order to help them follow the proper path to the top of their industry.

At a professional society, members will be able to benefit from all manner of different perks. Professional societies are excellent places for architects to go in order to meet the big names in the industry in their community. Professional societies are excellent networking opportunities because the people at the top all started out at the bottom. Additionally, this networking opportunity will also provide future job opportunities for people who make a good impression and continue their hard work. Robert Ivy believes in the power of the professional society and you should too. Learn more about Robert Ivy at