Securus, Growing a Giant Technology Company

Dallas-based Securus Technologies is changing the way of doing business for prisons and law enforcement agencies.



The company provides both criminal justice and civil telecommunications to be used in a variety of situations, many of them focused on the corrections area of law enforcement.

Founded in 2007, Securus as an intimate telecommunications firm that provides a wide range of government service, growing its business in a wide range of areas, including: secure telecom services, software for jail management and data handling for law enforcement.


Chairman and CEO Richard A. (Rick) Smith wrote in a press release on PR Newswire that over the past four years, The company said that much of its forward movement in technology has been the result of a $605 million investment, making Securus more than just a company that detects and locates cell phones in prisons and jails.


The news release said Securus provides products and services designed to make the world safer. For more information, contact Russell Roberts at 972-277-0656 or online at [email protected] Related links include


Reston, Va.-based GTL also provides many of the services as Securus, with a news release on PR Newswire calling GTL the leading provider of technologies used in correctional institutions,


Much of that technology is focused on locating and confiscating cell phones that are smuggled into the prison for uses that are often related to criminal activities beyond prison walls.


Tim Skaja, Senior Vice President of Product Management & Service Delivery at GTL said that GTL’s recent developments have put it years ahead of the competition – meaning Securus.


There is, indeed, no way to completely stop the use of contraband cell phones in prisons and jails, but Securus contends that it is the better solution when it comes to prison technologies.


The contact at GTL is Vinnie Mascarenhas, who can be reached at 703-955-3894 or [email protected] Related links include