Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Strategies

Securus Technologies was one of the first inmate communication providers to come up with a crime prevention initiative to ensure the general public and protect their customers. Their program has been successfully and allowed customer feedback as one way to prevent inmate communication crimes. Unfortunately, 1/3 of all correctional facility crimes start over the phone and Securus is there with the technology to help. Their technologically advanced features guarantee a safe network with proper surveillance, monitoring, and safety communications support. Each call is regulated by the official rules set forth by your local Public Utility Commission.


Crime Prevention Initiatives


– prevent illegal cellphone use

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– prevent illegal money transfer

– eliminate inmate communication abuse

– assist facility security

– increased general public safety

– customer feedback forum

– and more…


Securus CEO, Rick A. Smith believes crime prevention goes well beyond incarceration. He played a major role in their current crime prevention goals with set programs that were immediately put in place. He was also the first to recognize their technologically advanced features would be the first solution to their crime prevention iniative. PRN Newswire was one of the first to rreport their successful crime prevention program.


Who Is Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies got their start as a government regulation provider and quickly excelled as an inmate communications provider. They have exceed competitor prices $4 to $1 with the best rates in the telecommunications industry. Securus understands how important it is to remain a competitor network with quality services and great rates. They are committed to keeping inmates and their families connected over a safe network. You’re invited to visit their exclusive website for more details on their services and features available for their first-time customers.