Securus Technologies Receives Praises for the Detection and Prevention of Crimes

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is a leading provider of prison tech solutions in the areas of criminal justice for purposes of investigation, public safety and corrections and monitoring. Founded in 1986 by Richard Falcone, the company also has regional offices in Allen, Texas, Carrolton, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. The company has over a thousand employees and serves about 2,600 correctional facilities in the US and Canada. The firm has a lot of growth prospects, and in 2016 it invested over $600 million to upgrade its technologies, develop new patents as well as money for acquisition of other firms.


The company offers public safety solutions by assisting cities and law enforcers in collecting, consolidating, visualizing and disseminating information in real time for easy access. This information can help the law enforcement agencies in dispatching emergency responses, and use by the public safety and mobile law enforcers.


The firm is in the business of providing vibrant and innovative state of the art prison solutions to meet its customer needs. According to the company CEO, Mr. Richard Smith about the progressive nature of the company, he says that in a week the company at least invents a new product or service aimed at helping the correctional facilities’ officials to detect and deter crime. Due to the company’s top notch security solutions, it has received a lot of praise from all quarters. Some of these congratulatory messages are highlighted below.


In a letter from a law enforcement agency, the company is praised for its data reporting capabilities in alignment with the agencies proactive nature; the information has helped the agency to deter contraband incidences in its facility. Also, Securus Technologies’ investigative tools have helped in the proper conduct of investigations in some correctional facilities when there are complaints of harassment or reports of threat to the security of the facility and the community as a whole.


In another letter from a direct customer, the customer congratulates the company for its assistance in enabling them to acquire critical information concerning a fraudulent staff member. The information was crucial in obtaining a search warrant which eventually helped in the apprehension of the culprit for introducing contraband.