Sujit Choudhry Meets with Ukranian Government to Discuss Democracy

Legal expert Sujit Choudhry who is the current Director of Constitutional Transitions, joined with a group of top constitution experts to discuss some key legal issues. He met with a number of individuals in order to talk about the semi presidential system that is currently in place with the government of Ukraine. During the discussion, Choudhry and the constitutional experts were going over the challenges that the nation’s political system is facing. This recent meeting included members of the international institute for democracy and electorate assistance and also the center for policy and legal reform. Sujit said that the meeting was a very productive one in which he was happy to be a part of. He enjoyed talking about constitutional affairs with executive powers. After the meeting, Choudhry said that democratization in Ukraine has not been stable due to a combination of the amount of presidential power, the legislature and electoral system and the weak political parties. Additional reading on

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned legal expert who has spent many years dealing with comparative law. During his career, Choudhry helped a number of governments find ways to improve their legal system and establish democracy. Over the years, Sujit would not only study the legal systems and constitutions of many nations, but also meet with government officials and give them guidance on how to make their nations more politically stable. One of the most notable achievements of his career has been helping a number of nations draft a new version of their constitution. As a result, Sujit has been able to help countries adopt a political system that they will benefit from.   To read insights and views from the professor, hit on

As well as being a constitutional advisor, Sujit Choudhry has spent a number of years as an educator. For his latest work, check on  His last position in the educational sector was as the dean of the University of California law school. According to, he became the first Indian American to hold such a position. Choudhry would also serve as a professor who would teach constitutional law to a number of students attending the school. Prior to becoming the dean as the University of California Berkeley school of law, he was an assistant dean and professor at the law school at the University of Toronto.  For reading blogs, and updates on his timeline activities, visit social media page here.

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