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OSI GROUP’s Humble Beginnings

For more than a century, OSI Group has been in the food processing industry. The firm has enjoyed great success through its illustrious history and there are still many great heights to be scaled. It started out as a simple butcher shop and has grown to become a major player in the corporate world. More than 20,000 employees source their livelihood from the firm. Its reach extends to 17 countries where it has close to 65 facilities. Even with the ever-evolving global economy, OSI Group continuous to give competitors a run for their money.

Otto Kolschoswky’s family was the brain behind the well-established company. He was a German immigrant who came to the US at the beginning of the 20th Century. He came through Chicago, Illinois and chose to pitch tent in the city. Many other immigrants had set their sights on plains in the western part of the country where they hoped to set up farms. The city was a buzz of business activities thanks to the growing number of citizens.

As he settled into life in the US, Kolschowsky decided to establish a retail meat market. He worked consistently in his business and ten years later he had started engaging in wholesale activities. This development came as the dust settled on World War 1. He served residents of different Chicago suburbs including Mayhood. He kept at it and after another decade he brought his two sons on board. The move necessitated a change in identity and in 1928, Otto & Sons came to life. The family business was on its way to achieve unmatched success.

In the years that followed, the firm worked their way into the hearts of Americans and did so with great success. As the postwar economic period set in, the Otto’s partnered with McDonald’s in a move that would turn things forever. Otto & Sons became the sole supplier of fresh beef to the McDonald’s group of restaurants. This soon became the core business of the family business.

McDonald’s enjoyed tremendous growth in the years that followed and Otto & Sons followed suit. In the mid 1960’s the firm was rebranded to OSI Group. The transformation kept going and they expanded their reach beyond the local market. OSI Group is currently miles ahead of their competitors in the food industry.

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