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Eric Lefkofsky: Using Technology to Change Lives

very successful entrepreneur has a story to tell, and Eric Lefkofsky is not an exception. He has founded many companies and was recently in an interview on Bloomberg about recent startup, Tempus Inc. Tempus is a health company that is fast growing. Lefkofsky said in the interview that patients need to know the drugs they are taking and how they are responding to the drugs. His company also offers sequencing services. He said that they provide sequencing that is clear and in great depth.

The company combines clinical and molecular data to figure out patterns that exist to help figure out the best drugs needed for a patient. He also said that he decided to use technology to keep people alive and give them a better life. Currently, Tempus has about 250 hospitals working with it, and Lefkofsky grew the company from 30 million sales to four billion in sales.

Tempus is a technology firm that is building clinical and molecular data to ensure that such data are accessible. The company that started in 2015 is no doubt a great addition to the health care sector. The firm enables physicians to provide patients with personalized care using interactive machines. Additionally, the organization delivers sequencing services to help physicians make real-time decisions. The primary focus of the company is to ensure that each patient benefits from each treatment. It does so by providing the healthcare industry with the needed tools to provide accurate data.

Eric Lefkofsky is not only involved in founding successful health companies but also involved in charitable works. He has a Lefkofsky Family Foundation that he uses to enhance human life. Lefkofsky established the foundation in 2006; he started the private philanthropic foundation together with his spouse to advance high impact enterprises. The successful businessperson is also a trustee in Lurie Children’s Hospital which is based in Chicago, the museum of science and industry among other institutes that are based in Chicago. Lefkofsky also serves as the chairman in the board of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. He is involved in the education sector where he teaches at the Chicago University. Lefkofsky finds watching a movie more relaxing, and his favorite movie is Star Trek Guy.

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