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Paul Mampilly- Invest in Tesla, ignore Musk

Tesla is currently an embattled company. The tussles seen between the founder, Elon Musk, and the SEC is taking the company on the wrong path. Investors are worried about the direction the company will take going forward. Elon Musk has been pointed for making some utterances that have not sat well with the investors in this company. He has talked about taking the company back to private operations, something that has led to a significant decline in the stock process. Going by the reactions coming out from the investors, they need the executive to show the direction is going to take clear and avoid the social media utterances which leave them convinced. Some utterances are however wondering how bad the utterances of the founder can be. Some are trying to draw a comparison between the utterances and the performance of the company.

One thing is sure about Tesla; it is a company that has been built on a strong foundation. It is a company that cannot go down easily even without Elon Musk. According to Paul Mampilly, a prominent investor in the United States, investors should ignore the utterances of Elon Musk and concentrate on growing the company. The idea behind Tesla is brilliant and the company is showing a good indication of outdoing expected production capacity. The fact that they are beating the expected production of 100,000 cars is an indication that the company is doing very well.

Who is Paul Mampilly who we should all believe? Paul Mampilly for those who have not yet heard about him is one of the people who has been in the financial sector for a long time. He has mastered the art of investing and is now a key player in the business. He knows when a good investment opportunity is available in the market and when there is none. He is one of the people who should be taken seriously. He does not make haphazard decisions. Everything he does is after keen consideration. Paul Mampilly is a graduate of the Fordham University, with a degree an MBA. He is a former hedge fund manager of the Kinetics Asset Management.