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Success Academy students have great success at the Chess Super Nationals in Nashville

Last month, 136 students from 16 Success Academy schools went to Nashville, Tennessee to attend the U.S. Chess Super Nationals V competition. The competition is for all levels of students, K-12, who compete in a number of different divisions.


Success Academy students competed in their divisions and, at the end of the event, some of the teams had been incredibly successful.


In the K-9 division, Success Academy’s Hell’s Kitchen finished in first place alongside another school. In the K-6 U1000 division, another Success Academy school finished tied in third place and other schools finished in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and tenth places in their divisions.


For some of the children in the Success Academy teams, it was their first time leaving New York state and their first time on a plane. None of that mattered, however, when they got to the Super Nationals as they competed like old pros.


Chess is just one of the many subjects most Success Academy students learn. Debate is also high on the list, as are many science subjects, math, history, geography, drama, art, a couple of foreign languages and, of course, English.


Success Academy students do not just have winning places in chess either. In fact, they are known for their excellent performances in a number of subjects in New York state events, including debate, theater and art.


The success of these students, however, is not too surprising. Even though they are predominantly students from Latino and African American families, and from poor areas of the city. Students most school districts in New York would say have little chance of doing anything of importance with their lives.


That is because Success Academy schools teach them to work hard, play hard, pay attention in class and, if they make a mistake, to do it all over again until they get it right.


Critical thinking and problem solving is also highly prized and cultivated. Both skills necessary in being successful in chess.


So it really is no wonder Success Academy students were able to compete with some of the best young chess players in the country and more than hold their own.



Eva Moskowitz – An Experienced Educator and Reformer and the Founder of Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz has been an integral part of the transformation that has been taking place in the school education system in the United States. Eva Moskowitz has been voicing her opinion on the matters of how desperately the schools in the country needs a complete overhaul in its curriculum and education system for years and has been able to gain considerable success in the struggle so far.



As the founder of the Success Academy Charter School Network, Eva Moskowitz has helped thousands of students coming from the low-income families get access to quality education. Success Academy Charter School Network is the highest performing charter school network in the City of New York and the largest charter school network as well. At present, there are 41 schools in the system providing education to over 14,000 students in total and counting. The students of the school are known to outperform the students from other premier and affluent schools in the state of New York.



The year 2017 is proving to be good for Eva Moskowitz, who has been receiving good news in succession from the beginning of the year. One of the good news for her is that she won the legal battle that has been going on for years with the City of New York against signing the pre-K contract. Eva Moskowitz has always been against the mandatory signing of the pre-K contract for the charter schools. She believes that it impacts the very essence for which the charter schools stands for and takes away their liberty to function independently.



Along with the court ruling in favor of Eva Moskowitz, the court also ordered the New York City to provide the compensation of $720,000 to the litigant to pay for the legal expenses incurred during the litigation all these years. The second news for Eva Moskowitz came in the form of Broad Prize 2017, which the Success Academy was awarded by the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and the National Alliance of the Charter Schools. The Broad Prize for 2017 came with the huge prize money of $250,000 that Eva wishes to spend for the further development and expansion of the Success Academy Charter School Network.



Eva Moskowitz has studied arts from the Pennsylvania University from where she graduated. She did her Ph.D. from the reputed John Hopkins University, majoring in American History. As a qualified educator herself, she understands the importance of habit of reading. It is for this reason; Eva Moskowitz sent the reading lessons of Success Academy to 15,000 teachers across the United States. The gesture from Eva Moskowitz came at the time of the launch of Education Institute, which is a comprehensive education based online portal that would contain study materials, lessons, videos, and tutorials. It would help the students as well as the teachers.



Eva Moskowitz had worked with the New York City Council in the past and has learned a lot during her tenure there when she also served as the Chairman of the Education Committee. It is her extensive experience in the education sector that gave her the idea about the shortcomings of the nations’ education system, which finally led her to start Success Academy Charter School Network.