The Application of Comparative Law in the Constitution of Governance Systems

When dealing with problems in our society, the application of modern methods of governance is imperative. To ensure agreements is reached and conflicts are avoided, there exist structures and procedures within every government to be followed. Every action that is taken by the government is to be in line with the regards to the laws contained in the constitution of a nation. Nevertheless, not all the problems that arise have a guarantee of being resolved by the laws that are set out in the Constitution. In most cases, amendments are done for that law to fit the demands of the society.

Developing new laws requires time and resources. Because of the process set for the development of law, it may take even a decade for some laws to be integrated into the Constitution. However, in instances where the laws are borrowed from other regions, less time is taken in executing the role of developing the laws. Comparative law is applied where a country seeks to achieve the process faster which provides room for comparisons of the laws used in various regions across the globe. For better performances and developing laws that are resolve conflicts, it requires learning from various regions of the world and consultation of professionals which makes it easy to get ideas on the right methods.mmA must-read interview of Sujit on

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