The Career Success of Peter Briger

The businessman is one of the principals at Fortress Investment Group (FIG). At the firm’s board, he works as a co-chairman. Peter Briger has been part of FIG’s management committee for the last sixteen years. He became a member of FIG’s board in 2006. In 1996, he joined Goldman Sachs as a partner and worked in the organization for fifteen years. At the firm, he also helped the management in ensuring the success of the Asian Distressed Debt Business. Other positions that the businessman holds include being part of the board of organizations such as the Hospital for Special Surgery, and the Central Park Conservancy. His vast knowledge can be attributed to the skills he acquired institutions such as the Princeton University where he received a bachelor’s degree in arts. Read the article at Wikipedia to learn more.

Peter Briger is in charge of the credit and real estate divisions at Fortress Investment Group. He is a board member of a non-governmental organization in San Francisco called Tipping Point. Due to his passion for the education sector, he was appointed to serve in the board of directors at the Caliber Schools. Peter Briger has worked in various asset management firms for over two decades now. Both private and institutional investors have benefited from the services offered at Fortress Investment Group. The company manages assets with an estimated value of more than $65 billion. He participates in various philanthropic efforts to help the vulnerable members of the society. For example, he has partnered with the Global Fund for Children in charitable activities.

Business acquisitions are a common scenario in the business world. There are many benefits that the companies involved can get from that process. One of the most recent acquisitions in the finance sector took place in December last year. It involved SoftBank and Fortress Investment Group where the former acquired the latter. The deal cost $3.3 billion and the money was given in cash. The move was a strategic decision by both firms to rebrand themselves. At the helm of Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has always put different measures to ensure that the organization remains competitive in the sector.

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