The Inspiring Life of Greg Secker

Born on 18th February 1975 in the United Kingdom, Greg Secker has gone on to become one of the most successful people in Britain. Today, Greg Secker holds many titles. He is a generous philanthropist, a master trader and most importantly, he is an international speaker. Despite all the pressure that comes with these responsibilities, Greg Secker is also a family man. Greg Secker says that being a dad is one of the most fulfilling moments of his life. Today, Greg Secker can be associated with a number of companies. Knowledge to Action Group is one of his most successful ventures having established it in the year 2003. This has led him to acquire more companies along the way. Some of the ventures that Greg Secker is dealing with include the Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index, Smart Chart Software as well as Learn to Trade. All these organizations have one thing in common in that they teach people how to trade and improve their lives.

However, the story if Greg Secker began from a humble beginning. During his college days, he had a side hustle that involved selling computers. He also managed to repair computers for his peers. This led to Greg Secker developing some interest in software development and coding. During a college career fair, Greg Secker managed to convince a representative from Thomas Cook Financial Services to hire him. The rest was history as Greg Secker used Thomas Cook as a stepping stone. Later on, he managed to establish a business of his own that he termed as the Virtual Trading Desk.

A few years later, Greg Secker left Thomas Cook Financial Services and joined Mellon Financial Corporation. He joined the company as a vice president and managed to propel the company to become a fortune 500 investment bank. This new position meant more experience and travel for Greg Secker. He managed to create an international network which greatly contributed to his exponential growth in forex. Through his companies, Greg Secker is credited with teaching over 200,000 people on how to trade. He says that he established these forums after realizing that people were struggling on the subject.