The Role of Talkspace in Providing Online Therapy

Talkspace and Michael Phelps announced their new partnership which will see Phelps join the organization’s board where he will be sharing his story about his lifelong battle with depression and anxiety and also participate in a national mental health program. He will work together with Talkspace to create awareness on the issue of mental health as well as the benefit of seeking help. Therefore, Phelps willingness to share about how therapy assisted him to combat depression and anxiety forms a natural partnership between him and Talkspace. Phelps disclosed some of the challenges that patients go through arising from the fear of being stigmatized if they ask for help. Therefore a public figure like Phelps speaking about his struggle with depression would help people to overcome some of those challenges. Find out more about Talkspace at

According to Michael Phelps, therapy is a helpful means combating the challenges that one goes through while suffering from these mental problems. He explained how therapy assisted him to overcome depression and anxiety. He said that Talkspace as a digital platform that provides therapy services online by linking mental patients to licensed therapists. This platform provides a wide range of services at different prices. Therapy via the use of this platform is provided through the use of text messages, talks or video chats. One can simply access this online therapy via his laptop or even a tablet device. This will greatly save the lives of many mental patients who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Talkspace is, therefore, an online therapy platform that offers low-end and confidential therapy and has a network of licensed professional therapists. Its mission is to enable users to have quick access to professional therapists where no appointments are needed.

Therefore, Talkspace offers an effective approach to online therapy whereby with the growth of the internet, accessibility to various online programs has been made easy. It functions in a similar way with face to face therapy options. Majority of the times, people u more: sually experience difficulties opening up to therapists in person. Therefore, this means that they will be more comfortable communicating through texts messages. Regular forms of therapy may also be very expensive to some, thus Talkspace becomes the only option left for the majority of the people who can’t afford regular forms of therapy.

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