The Success of Dick DeVos

Recently in news, the final two sailing races concluded two majors events located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. These two big events were the Melges 32 Lauderdale Cup as well as the Melges 32 Blue Water Series that is specifically hosted by the Lauderdale Yacht club. The overall event consisted of 15 knot winds as well as a professional crew that can be proud of their new win. The winners of both the finals as well as the series consists of none other than Dick DeVos, a prominent name in the world of business. Mr. DeVos, with team Volpe, are all elated on the big win and plan to have the same luck for the upcoming year.

One of the great aspects of this past event was the inclusion of children on board during the races. This not only enabled the children to sail with some of the best sailors in the world, but also allowed for the children to learn a couple of new skills. Dick DeVos is especially proud of his team and enjoys the fact that sailing is not only a hobby for him, but it is also a chance to help others improve on the sport of sailing. The photos of this fantastic event are a testament of the fun and competitiveness and everyone was feeling during race day.

Dick DeVos is a prominent businessman who comes from a wealthy background and has been able to develop his family’s name even more. Dick DeVos is currently residing in West Michigan and is held in the highest respect there for not only his donations to his community, but also for his leadership within the community. DeVos gained his wealth and prestige by developing the family name into a multi-billion dollar corporation. This company, called Amway Corporation, is current available both on the national market, as well as on the international market.

Dick DeVos”has worked with Amway Corporation for all of his life. After graduation college with a business degree, Mr. DeVos went on to hold several executive positions within Amway Corporation. With his power and prestige, Dick DeVos has been able to improve his community and create a region that is both wealthy as well as prospering. One of the biggest interests that Mr. DeVos has is to give back to the community through education reforms.

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