Todd Lubar Shares the Secret of Success in the Mortgage Industry

Todd Lubar is the co-founder and the President of the TDL Global Ventures, LLC and also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has been named the top 25 mortgage originators of the country for many years now, reveals He also has investment in many other industries apart from real estate like night clubs, demolition companies and recycling companies that are still in the developing stage but are growing at a fast pace. Todd started his career as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and soon realized exactly what he wanted to do with his life. After gaining firsthand knowledge about the real estate industry, he joined Legacy Financial Group to learn about investments. Here, he learned the skills that he needed to be successful in the business. He then realized his dream to start his own business.

In a recent interview, Todd Lubar discussed how he got the idea to start his own company, TDL Global Ventures. He said that having worked in the credit industry for over 20 years, he found that there were people who were unable to procure loans to realize their dreams. He wanted to remove this barrier and offer product to their clients that will bring relief to them. He also emphasized on the importance of surrounding oneself with good people. In his company, he wants people to trust each other and promote the growth of the company. Having an open communication system in the business is also important to encourage the employees to think differently than others and express their ideas without worrying about what others have to think.

Todd Lubar has come a long way in his career and personal life, From working as an employee to owning his own company, he has reached the top through his dedication and hard work. He urged entrepreneurs to keep working hard every day of their lives in order to start a successful business. While the work may feel mundane, it is essential that they remember their goals and the future of the company to stay motivated. It is these small efforts that make people reach higher goals.