Waiakea Water operations in the global industry

Waiakea water is the first of its type to provide volcanic drinking water. The firm positioned at 414 on the 500 lists of the fastest developing firms in the United States. The water is generated from a highly clean foundation. It is purified naturally by the magma neighboring the water reserves. In addition, it has an outstanding mineral and pH alignment. It consists of minerals such as silica, magnesium, and calcium. Through this process, it enables the water to be more alkaline and the electrolyte providing it with an awesome taste. The pure water is then packaged in an ecologically friendly and renewable plastic.

The firm was formed in 2012 and it was the initial American water to be allowed as CarbonNeutral because of the variety of eco- platforms. The firm’s main objective is to offer customers sufficient and tasteful water though producing the least environmental effect. Waiakea water supports and operates with non- profit organizations that are concerned with the environs and clean water curriculums. By the time the firm was initiated, it was known globally for their creative strategy. Furthermore, it has executed several reforestation developments in Hawaii. The aim of the company is to utilize biodegradable water bottles by late 2017. When it was initiated, the main purpose was to transform the surroundings and its individuals.

The firm donates 650 liters of water for each liter that has been bought two different locations of the globe that are in need. The access of consuming clean water eliminates illnesses such as cholera and other waterborne diseases. Waiakea water collaborated with Pump Aid and assisted the besieged societies in different parts of Africa. Through this collaboration, more than 1.35 million individuals have been able to access and consume clean water. Moreover, they work together to eradicate unemployment in poor societies. The two parties formed their own platforms where they can help kids in learning and decrease malnutrition in top threat society. Ryan Emmons is the owner of the company. His hard work and philanthropic efforts were recognized and have been given a variety of awards for that participation to the community.